The Raven - EP

by Phoenix/Arizona

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A Theatrical Release by Phoenix/Arizona


released 26 January 2014
Written and Performed by Alex Christensen,
Produced by Black Sky Productions



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Ayahuasca Prophecy Foretold The Arrival
Great Belvadier, did think you that you'd be here,
You were locked in your cell forever,
The golden concierge speaks his words as he'd be heard,
If only he was himself,
And the white linen night, writing songs of his only sight,
He was spread on the Earth as his ashes,
The legends who have done what life has now become,
Their bodies were burnt and their souls descended.

Graves at every door, condescendment of the poor,
We thrive off our transcendence,
Visitors of life, be wife or of the night,
Nobody can break the curse,
Treatment of the mist, Enlightened of the bliss,
Of eventual sorrow,
How you were you are, testifiable to Zhar,
Bet you rue your own damnation.
Track Name: Magical Mr Mysterious Man
Rest assure your minds at ease, dystopian humanity,
People in charge are off on bail but I never learnt to get down and hail,
Prides my fixture, post is Christ, living over hell's broken eyes,
Destroy the peace and what comes before it, never knew glad to be heavenly.

The Ice Chef comes one day a night,
Delivering souls through dynamite,
Contravening through Mio-Florane
Hand-deceiving, clean but not tame.

Do you hear that, that's the Ice Chef and He's coming for all of ya.
Who is this Ice Chef and What does he want?

(Remixed vocals of Before)

Rest assure your minds at ease, colloquial fantasy,
Dripping and driving and dying with care, take my word for I'm the mayor.
Deceit, corruption, murder and lies, all conceit for foreign ties,
Village of some, grave of others, never knew glad to be heavenly
Track Name: 'Ravenous, Ain't He'
The Raven, was tumbling through the forest,
He couldn't keep holding on,
He was Black, but Green with Envy,
At the Sight of the stolen wreck.

He was crazy, madder than an ox,
Gave his kids to the magical wolves.

Some say was gifted, others say he was delusional,
All they can agree on is that this little Bastard is the king,
23 victims, all deceased, with their eyes gouged out with a razor beak
(The caged prince of darkness)

"Oh little Raven, find your home"
Track Name: Graveyard Lime
And I am now my soul and down the road I go,
Down to Chicago once more, to feed my open sore next to you

Life is so obtuse, the darkness feeds the truth
And I can't lie to you when my greatness is fictional

They hate me with their guts cause I took the ones they love,
And I regret all this stuff, but it will stay with me in my memory,

And take me off the cord to see the only god
Who would tell me I'm wrong and lead me to eternity,

And I did comply to the feelings denied, young in my life
I will torture you with my suffering,

And help is on its way to clear the blood that paved,
Hope I won't be saved, be fortunate for those ones like me