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Something that most philosophers agree is that we share little resemblance in mind to animals. I refute this claim. Behind the civic minded virtue that we are imposed by society, there is darkness behind each of us, there is a connection between us and the animal, plainly this for our desires to be fulfilled. Irregardless of society's measures, behind each person you see is is a raft of desires, fulfilled or unfulfilled that are "sick," "twisted" and "unnatural." These are not necessarily violent or sexual urges, but some form of innate animalistic desire that makes us inhuman.

Welcome to the confessions of our dying protagonist who lives in a desolate world that has formed from his own will by his destructive animalistic desires... Welcome to Zoology.


released March 1, 2015

Written and Performed by Alex Christensen
Produced by SCI Productions



all rights reserved


RAINBOW PHOENIX Melbourne, Australia

Phoenix/Arizona is an alternative project that plans to span across several genres and sounds.

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Track Name: Village
Here comes the village again,
Bringing with them, all their friends,
I could live to 103, only with this ecstasy.

Helter skelter, don't put em down.
Live with us and hear our sound.
Common use & common trends
Only lovers, make amends.

Come and sit with me and hear my solemn tones,
I've wrecked the only lives I'll ever know.
Come and sit with me across from old gravestones,
I've wrecked the only lives you'll ever know.

Come and sit with me and hear my solemn woes,
I've wrecked the only lives I'll ever know.
Come and sit with me across from old gravestones,
I've wrecked the only lives you'll ever know.
Track Name: Ghari(2)
Happiness; allusions of my senses; I've been drowning in my brain, emotions over logic.
Reconstructed empathy, conclusions I have reached of every single human being, true or inconceivable.
Deductions all the same; degrading self-survivors, they'll faithfully maintain the epitome of selfish swine.

Calamity, when you condense human nature into facets of a stream; I ain't human, I am nature.
Don't descend in my dream; I will horrify and maim you from your cut reality, don't believe help as survival.
In a haze of empathy, allusions of my carcass; in my great autonomy, there are no rules which I am govern'd by
Track Name: Chilli & Cumin (...What I Want)
You can feel it coming in your skin, like razor blades,
Sado-Masichist Exploration in another way,
Gotta exercise you out right now, You ain't looking so great.
I want you denitrified all over my face

"What I want, who cares"

You feel it coming from within like Erythrocytes
Erotic Asphyxiation leading you to the light.
Sinusoidal Waves coming to the shore, passive violent minds,
Stick a knife into the thoracic, & call for terror (terror) times.

"What I want, who cares"
Track Name: Notes #1
I'll cut my wrists and the blood will flow like tears,
I'll probably be sad, while I drown with my fears.

I gotta leave right now, it's not safe anymore,
I just want to leave this place.

I won't be here anymore, but I don't care (and I don't care)

They can hear me, everything I say,
I'm scared I'll slip up and break away.

What's the point I think, everything will die,
why wait when I can take the pain away.

I won't be here anymore, but I don't care (and I don't care).
Track Name: Infamy
I wanna douse myself I fire and in flames,
Maybe I'll be noticed once again.
But I can't help, the fear is killing me.
I just need some that sociopathic infamy.

"Don't be scared" x4

I don't wanna be part of your experiment.
Martin Scorsese was wrong, I'd kill for fame and not love.
Back when we first met, you were crazy influent.
I'd give up all this fun, to just keep being young.

"Don't be scared" x4

I'm ready, so come inside.
Breathe your last air, and have your delights.
You'll be the one remembered, as the angels,
You'll be the batman, to my batman killer.
And everyone will weep for you.
But I'll be the one remembered,
In my twisted fucked up endeavour.

I just want to be known.
So I can live for 1000 years.
Everyone will know my name.
And everyone will know my name.

"I am scared" x4
Track Name: Talk to Me
I feel sick again, I can't stop the pain from seeping in.
Skin is peeling off my hands, wish it wasn't even there in the first place.

Talk to me, animals, oh I know that you can hear what I'm saying,
comfort me, in your bright light, oh you know that everything is alright.

Sick again, convolution's kicking in,
I wish I had been your friend, wish you couldn't rot away.

Come for me, cannibals, think of all that I am useful,
Smother me, in your high grip, make me feel I have no life.
Track Name: Forest Garden [Awake]
My dreams; pillows and cushions are obscene,
Waited for hours in my doctors room - wish she'd come.
A grizzly bear tore up my saddle on my sister's horse.
And I can't ride him to work anymore.

And I wanted you to meet my horse,
You're the sadist of my dreams.

Looking up at Northern Lights - what will I find.
Croquet'd baskets of otter-esque minds
Bloody horns and devil liquor, creeping inside.
I'm not crazy....

And I wanted you to plant my meds,
So then I could talk to trees.

Oh you madmen, come at once.
Covers will shield me and the ones I love,
Spiders crawling from the depth of wells.
Who will protect me from my private hell.
Dreams and nightmares are all entwined,
and in the gutter are washed up minds.
Calm and silent, resting deep,
but in the end we all fall asleep.